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An American Football Team in London … this American can’t wait


This week the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders and St Louis Rams all filed applications to move to Los Angeles. How long before the NFL decides to send one of their unsettled franchises to London though? Such a move would ruffle a lot of feathers over in the US, but Colorado resident Ty Pursley thinks it’s a great idea… 

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Q&A: How good are these 2015 Denver Broncos?

It was the showdown of “the Undefeated” on Sunday Night Football as Green Bay arrived in Denver with everyone asking if the Broncos could compete with the NFL elite? The answer was emphatic; a 29-10 beatdown of Aaron Rogers and the visiting Packers. Ty Purlsey gives his assessment of the 7-0 Broncos…

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Listen to what Chris Borland is saying!


Promising young San Francisco 49ers Linebacker Chris Borland hung up his cleats this week. Not due to existing health concerns, but because of the fear of future ones. Ty Pursley, a former Defensive Back at Colorado State, weighs in on the hottest topic in the NFL this week…

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I’ve Officially Heard Enough


The Dallas Cowboys advanced to the next round of the playoffs after a controversial win over the Detroit Lions last weekend. Lions fans were furious  and many NFL fans cried “conspiracy” after some ‘questionable’ calls by the officials. Ty Pursley has a message for the conspiracy theorists: “Quit crying and don’t be stupid”…

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O – Yes! Ohio State vs. Oregon

Wow! What a couple of days of College Football! The First College Football Playoffs have begun and the National Championship is set – the Oregon Ducks will face the Ohio State Buckeyes to decide who the National Champion is, but we found out a few more things as well over the past few days… Here’s our resident college ball expert Ty Pursley with the lowdown.

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A Truly New Year


While the late December days and nights are filled with the familiar onslaught of Bowl Games, once January 1st arrives, it will bring a new year and along with it the first College Football Playoff Semi Finals featuring high profile, brand name participants. Uncle Sam’s College Football expert Ty Pursley previews the big upcoming games…

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Everybody wins because everybody can’t win!


It is done!  The First College Football Playoff is set.  Each of the top 6 ranked teams won this last weekend.  It didn’t make it easy for the selection committee to choose which 4 worthy teams would have an opportunity to play for a Championship.

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College Round Up: Clearly Things Could Get Messy


Things are hotting up in the race to make the first ever NCAA College Football final four playoffs. Uncle Sam’s College Ball expert, former Colorado State defensive back Ty Pursley, gives us the lowdown on this week’s movers and shakers…

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College Football – The Greatest Sport Ever


The College football regular season is winding down but the competition is heating up. This year sees the biggest shake-up in college ball for years as a four team playoff is introduced for the first time. So who better to guide us through the college ranks than someone who actually played it? Here’s former Colorado State player Ty Pursley with a guide to the best and brightest teams in college football right now.

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