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Home Sweet Home


One of the biggest differences between US Sports and what we’re used to here in the UK is how teams can just up sticks and move. Unless you’re a Wimbledon fan that’s an alien concept to most UK sports fans. Here’s Alex Underwood with an update on some of the NFL teams who may or may not be on the move…

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Slap Shot: Kings get Pecked


The Anaheim Ducks ruined Rob Blake’s jersey retirement party, Boston were caught by an Avalanche, Toronto’s slump continued and Washington paid the price for being too cocky against the Oilers. Here’s Alex Underwood with this week’s Slap Shot…

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SLAP SHOT: Tampa thumped by Philly


This week’s Slap Shot from Uncle Sam’s NHL blogger Alex Underwood features wins for the New Jersey Devils and Winnipeg Jets, the New York Islanders gaining local bragging rights by defeating the Rangers, plus a surprise whalloping for the Tampa Bay Lightning at Philly…

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Slap Shot: Bruins break losing streak


This week’s Slap Shot by Uncle Sam’s resident NHL writer Alex Underwood, brings you news of wins for Chicago, Boston, San Jose and Colorado…

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The toughest of the goons


The NHL is famed for skilled shots, the grace of players skating, awesome saves and of course fighting. The enforcers job is to defend players who are getting “too much attention” from another player, this normally (pretty much always) ends in violence. Some see it as unnecessary and thuggish, others a key strategy in the game plan. Here’s Alex Underwood on the NHL tough guys…

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Slap Shot: New Jersey in Hockey Hell


Things continue to go from bad to worse for the New Jersey Devils as they lost to neighbours New York. Washington also lost in NYC – to the Islanders – while there were wins for Nashville, Tampa Bay and the LA Kings. This is Slap Shot and I’m Alex Underwood…  

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The NFL’s pointless stat pack


It’s that time of year folks, Santa has parked his sleigh and gone for a well-deserved break, the new year is also here with resolutions we will make and feel no guilt about breaking, and of course it’s playoff time which means being bombarded by stats. Instead of hearing “he passed for this and that last year” wouldn’t it be nice to hear about some other totally useless NFL facts? Alex Underwood has compiled an ‘alternative’ stat pack for you to enjoy!

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Slap Shot – New York streak continues

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Ottawa Senators

It’s been another eventful week in the NHL and Uncle Sam’s man in the know Alex Underwood brings us news of wins for Ottawa, New York, Nashville and Florida in the latest installment of Slap Shot…

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Slap Shot – Panthers pounce on Redwings


Alex Underwood takes a look at some of the best action from the NHL this week, including big wins for Florida, Dallas and Washington…

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Picks to the Pen: The first rounders intercepted by Johnny Law

Ryan Leaf (image credit: CBS Sports)
Alex Underwood chronicles the troubled careers of NFL draft busts who spent more time under indictment than ‘under centre.’

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