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College Football Update – More Briles shenanigans, Signing Day & More


The soap opera continues as it’s been another turbulent week at crisis hit Baylor University. With an update on that plus the rest of this week’s news in the world of college football, here’s Andy Turner…

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National Signing Day – The College Football Draft


The 1st of February is college football national signing, a day that marks the signing period when high school players can officially sign their letter of intent and commit themselves to a College. Andy Turner explains…

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Baylor Football: RIP or Good Riddance?


Last year we published an article concerning the fall of Head Coach Art Briles at Baylor University. A fall that had come about not for football reasons, but rather for reasons of various instances of sexual misconduct by football players during his stewardship. It seems it was even worse than anyone realised, however, writes Andy Turner…

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Ducks Crash Land


It’s been a turbulent few weeks at Oregon, with student athletes hospitalised and two coaches suspended, one of whom is set to be fired. Andy Turner reports on some wild going on with the Ducks… 

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A Jedi Named Deshaun Destroys the Crimson Death star


We all know that sequels rarely live up to the original, however the college football championship game, a rerun of the previous season’s classic lived up to all the hype, eventually. Andy Turner looks back on an incredible National Championship game…

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Why Does Everybody Hate Lane Kiffin?


Lane Monte Kiffin has in his lifetime in football coaching been both a prodigy and enfant terrible. He has in a relatively short coaching lifetime managed to hold many high profile coaching jobs, yet has managed to leave them all without being thought of fondly by any previous employer or fan base.  In fact he seems to be widely disliked…

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Ground Hog Day – Alabama and Clemson will meet again


After almost a full season of college football we are back to where we were at the end of last season, Alabama and Clemson will face off again to decide who the College Football Playoff Champion is. Andy Turner looks back at an anti climactic weekend’s action…

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#Wakeyleaks The most bizarre story in football this year?


In the NFL over the last few seasons we’ve had #spygate and #deflategate which could both neatly be filed under #Belicheat. Over this past week college football, no stranger to cheating over the years has been buzzing with the scandal now known as #Wakeyleaks. Andy Turner explains…

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WORTHY WINNER: Lamar Jackson takes the Heisman Trophy


As we’ve been predicting since September, Louisville Quarterback Lamar Jackson is the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner. Andy Turner takes a look at how Jackson won the award, and recaps the other individual prizes handed out in the world of College Football…

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3 Up 3 Down – The last week of the Regular Season in College Football


As the College Football regular season wraps up, we know the final four and the five contenders for the Heisman Trophy. Andy Turner brings us the latest from the world of NCAA football…

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