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TRADES: Brissett, Osweiler and others find new homes

It isn’t just roster cuts that have been taking place in the NFL this weekend, teams have been picking up those discarded players and adding them to their squads, as well as cutting other deals along the way. These are the big moves that have happened. 

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ROSTER CUTS: Big Names Who Didn’t Make It

It’s been an odd weekend in the NFL. For the first time, the League decided to cut rosters from 90 to 53 after the final preseason game, rather than doing it in increments between the final two contests. It has made for a brutal few days, and some big names suddenly found themselves without teams.  

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DRAFT PREVIEW: Pick 23 – New York Giants

The Giants fell short of their expectations in 2016. How can they improve their squad through this Draft?

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Our off-season trackers cover all of the important moves that each team makes between the end of the 2016 season and the start of the 2017 one.

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POINTS AFTER – Wrapping Up Wild Card Weekend

After a surprisingly one-sided Wild Card Weekend, we take a look at the key factors in each game.

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Predicting the 2016 NFL All-Pro Team – Defense & Special Teams

With seven weeks of the regular season remaining, we predict who could be making the All-Pro team come January. 


EDGE RUSH – Wembley 16, Twickenham 1

We sent one man to experience the game day atmosphere at both of London’s current NFL venues. How did they measure up to one another? 

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PICK SIX – The London Edition (Part Two)

Another extra Pick Six, coming hot on the heels of the Giants’ 17-10 victory over the Rams in the first NFL game to be played at Twickenham…

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LATE HITS – ODB, Rex, Fish and the Hoodie

The Rams pulled some 7-9 bulls**t, Rexy is vindicated, Bellichick has had enough and who is the Cristiano Ronaldo of the NFL? Dave Usher gives us his Late Hits from this week…

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PICK SIX – The Week Without Love

It has been a rocky old week in the NFL. Here’s Richard O’Hagan with our regular round up of what’s been going on.

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