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Chipped Out – Niners sack Kelly and Baalke

...and close the door on your way out

The other big firings of what we’re probably going to have to start calling ‘Black Sunday’ came in San Francisco, where the Chip Kelly era came to an abrupt end. 

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3 and out: Same old stinking Rams

Blaine Gabbert Leaping over the Rams for a first down (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles Rams were completely outclassed by their divisional rivals the San Francisco 49ers under the lights during opening weekend. The team lost 28-0 to a 49ers outfit who had clearly done their homework. Rams reporter Tom Green gives us his take on the Rams opening game…

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QUICK SNAPS – San Francisco 49ers

Logo 49ers

Quick Snaps brings you the team news that you might have missed over the close season. It has certainly been an interesting time in San Francisco.

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PICK SIX – The Quarterback Edition

Pick Six logo

Our regular weekly NFL round-up, Pick Six, returns for another season. This week seems to be rather quarterback-centric!

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Draft Preview: San Francisco 49ers

Logo 49ers

With the 2016 Draft looming, Richard O’Hagan takes a look at what each team needs, what they have done in free agency and how 2016 might go for them.

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3 and out: Vikes ran over by San Fran

It’s just one game but that was a really bad way to start the season for the Minnesota Vikings, writes one of our Vikings bloggers, Olav Sorumgard…

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3 and out: Back down to earth for the fancied Vikings

After an off season and preseason that raised the expectations of the Vikings fanbase to levels not seen since Brett Favre wore #4. The Vikings did what they do best –  they disappointed, losing to the 49ers 20-3. Here’s Tony Wenham on a bad night for the Vikes…

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Listen to what Chris Borland is saying!


Promising young San Francisco 49ers Linebacker Chris Borland hung up his cleats this week. Not due to existing health concerns, but because of the fear of future ones. Ty Pursley, a former Defensive Back at Colorado State, weighs in on the hottest topic in the NFL this week…

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49ers @ Saints Game Report

49ers @ Saints

It was another Sunday filled with disappointment for Saints fans as familiar problems surfaced again in an overtime home loss to the 49ers. Here’s Saints fan Lee Gardiner reporting on another frustrating weekend for the Black & Gold…

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Unstoppable Marshall and Bears spoil 49ers housewarming


The Bears hadn’t won in San Francisco since their last Super Bowl winning year of 1985. Not only that, some of the losses since then at Candlestick Park had been the stuff of nightmares.

Two years ago the Niners destroyed Lovie Smith’s defence as Colin Kaepernick dazzled on his first NFL start, while in 2009 the Bears held San Fran to just 10 points yet still found a way to lose, as Jay Cutler threw five interceptions (including two in the red zone) in a 10-6 reversal.

That was a rare close one; usually these games are blow outs. A point differential of 271 to 39 since that 1985 win tells it’s own story, and coming off that bad home loss to the Bills in Week 1 most didn’t give the Bears any chance of upsetting Jim Harbaugh’s Niners.

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