With Week 16 of the NFL calendar over, the fantasy football season has come to an end for another year. Richard O’Hagan reflects on his two campaigns. 

One of the ways in which fantasy football can be incredibly frustrating is that, no matter how well you feel you have drafted before the season starts, you can very swiftly be out of the running. To a certain extent that is also the beauty of it, too – it mirrors the experiences of so many NFL teams!

To my mind, my season was certainly in trouble by the end of September and pretty much over by the middle of October. Both of my sides ended up with losing records and that I finished ranked as high as 5th in one league was more due to a surprisingly good post-season run where I won both match-ups to come out top of those sides which didn’t qualify for the playoffs proper than it was to anything decent happening in the season. By contrast, in my other league I finished ninth, the second lowest I have managed ever.

2017’s competition promises to be even tougher. I’m allowed to retain only two players from this season, and they can’t be players that I kept from 2015. That means no Aaron Rodgers (the #1 quarterback in fantasy football this year) and no Jordan Reed (who would’ve been #1 tight end had he stayed healthy). I also can’t keep players that I didn’t draft and acquired through trades and free agency during the season, such as Robert Kelley (one of the top scoring running backs over the second half of the season) and the #3 kicker, Dustin Hopkins.

On the plus side, I can retain Travis Kelce (#1 tight end) and either the Eagles or Chiefs defences (jointly third ranked), but the simple fact of fantasy football is that you need a decent QB and at least one decent RB, as the points are still slightly skewed towards the running game. The player who won one of the above leagues only lost two games all season, beat me by 34 points and had the top running back in David Johnson. Annoyingly, he also picked up three players who were on my roster at one time or another – Steve Smith Sr., Christine Michael and Jay Ajayi – which I think is a lesson to me in being more patient in 2017!

All that remains for me to do now is to congratulate the winners, commiserate with my fellow losers, and to thank you all for reading. It has been fun sharing my 2016 fantasy league season with you. Onwards and upwards to 2017!

Richard O’Hagan

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