PICK SIX – January Madness Begins

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January is always a hectic time in the NFL, so here’s Richard O’Hagan with half a dozen of the stories that you might not have noticed amid the chaos.

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Wild Card Weekend – Who to Watch, and Where


The least predictable weekend of the NFL season is here, as the wild card playoff qualifiers take on one another for the right to reach the championship playoff next week. Here’s our rundown of which games are happening, when they are happening, and what you need to know.

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Ground Hog Day – Alabama and Clemson will meet again


After almost a full season of college football we are back to where we were at the end of last season, Alabama and Clemson will face off again to decide who the College Football Playoff Champion is. Andy Turner looks back at an anti climactic weekend’s action…

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Dolphins play-off berth is cause for celebration, but it doesn’t have to end here


Whatever happens on Sunday in Pittsburgh, this has been an unexpectedly enjoyable season for the Miami Dolphins and South Florida’s beleaguered fan base. But our Miami-based writer Chris Smith believes the party can continue…

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So Farewell Then…Chan Gailey


Continuing our series looking at key retirements at the end of the NFL regular season, we focus on one of the less-heralded departures of the week.

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So Farewell, Then…Gary Kubiak


The first week of January isn’t just about firings in the NFL. Some people get to decide when to make their own exit. The highest profile of them was in Denver.

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Chipped Out – Niners sack Kelly and Baalke

...and close the door on your way out

The other big firings of what we’re probably going to have to start calling ‘Black Sunday’ came in San Francisco, where the Chip Kelly era came to an abrupt end. 

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3 and out: Sorry Bears still talking smack after another blowout loss


The 3-13 Bears were blown out for the second week running after an embarrassing showing in Minnesota, yet bizarrely one of their veteran leaders is guaranteeing a Superbowl win next season. An exasperated Dave Usher reports…

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No longer the real thing – Chargers fire McCoy


The NFL’s traditional ‘Black Monday’ firing of coaches began early this year, with San Diego coach Mike McCoy first to get the chop on Sunday evening. 

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Playoff bound, but QB problems leave the Raiders on the brink


Oakland may be in the playoffs but the team that will take the field next week looks a pale shadow of the one that got them there. Star quarterback Derek Carr’s untimely injury has crippled the Raiders at the worst possible time, writes Robert O’Reardon…

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