NEW GAME PLAN – Bills Hire Sean McDermott


In a move which surprised many, Buffalo replaced Rex Ryan with Panther’s DC Sean McDermott on Wednesday.

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POINTS AFTER – Wrapping Up Wild Card Weekend


After a surprisingly one-sided Wild Card Weekend, we take a look at the key factors in each game.

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NEW GAME PLAN – Jaguars Hire Marrone


The first of the six known head coach vacancies in the NFL was filled overnight as the Jaguars decided to stick with interim head coach Doug Marrone.

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A Jedi Named Deshaun Destroys the Crimson Death star


We all know that sequels rarely live up to the original, however the college football championship game, a rerun of the previous season’s classic lived up to all the hype, eventually. Andy Turner looks back on an incredible National Championship game…

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3 and out: Sad but Predictable End for the Raiders


Oakland’s season ended in predictable disappointment as the Raiders fell at the first hurdle in the playoffs. With a third string rookie quarterback under center, few gave the silver and black much chance of upsetting Houston, and so it proved. Robert O’Reardon reports…

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Chicago Bears Season Recap


The Chicago Bears will have top three pick in this year’s draft after a wretched 3-13 season left them in the basement with the hapless Cleveland Browns and crisis ridden San Francisco 49ers. Dave Usher looks back on a bad, bad year for the Bears…

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Why Does Everybody Hate Lane Kiffin?


Lane Monte Kiffin has in his lifetime in football coaching been both a prodigy and enfant terrible. He has in a relatively short coaching lifetime managed to hold many high profile coaching jobs, yet has managed to leave them all without being thought of fondly by any previous employer or fan base.  In fact he seems to be widely disliked…

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So Farewell Then…Robert Mathis


We conclude this week’s look at NFL retirements by focusing on a Colts legend, prospective Hall of Famer Robert Mathis. 

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So Farewell Then…Steve Smith Sr


Continuing our series on big name departures from the NFL, we look at a wide receiver who will be giving Hall of Fame voters some headaches in five years’ time.

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PICK SIX – January Madness Begins

Pick Six logo

January is always a hectic time in the NFL, so here’s Richard O’Hagan with half a dozen of the stories that you might not have noticed amid the chaos.

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