Four Downs: New York Jets

Rex Ryan’s Jets are off to a 1-2 start to the season although it could have been better but for some questionable officiating in Monday night’s loss to the Bears. Who’s their early season MVP? Who isn’t living up to expectations? Will the Jets make the post-season? Mark Roberts gives his verdict…

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3 and out: Dolphins thumped by Chiefs; is Tannehill done?

Three and out? Couldn’t be a more apt name for this column when it comes to these Dolphins, who continued to drive their supporters a step closer to full-on insanity with a humiliating home defeat against the Chiefs on Sunday. Now the heat is on Ryan Tannehill, with mounting speculation he may be benched for the weekend. Sigh. Here goes…

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Four Downs: New York Giants

The New York Football Giants are off to a 1-2 start this year having bounced back from two early losses to beat the previously undefeated Houston Texans 30-17 in MetLife Stadium last Sunday. Not much is expected of the once mighty Giants this year, but Uncle Sam’s resident G-Man and blogger Stuart Bonner discusses what he’s seen so far from Tom Coughlin’s men…

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3 and out: Bears D shines in win over Jets

The Bears revival continued with a second consecutive road win as a solid defensive display helped them edge the Jets 27-19 to go to 2-1 on the season. The Bears D scored on an INT return on just the second play of the game and held the Jets to just one touchdown and four field goals from six trips to the red zone. Dave Usher picks three things from the game…


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3 and out: Signs of improvement for Saints

The New Orleans Saints finally recorded their first win of the new season with a hard fought victory over the plucky Minnesota Vikings. Drew Brees and his offence put up 13 quick unanswered points but couldn’t put the Vikings away until late in the 3rd when the QB hooked up with Marques Colston for the TD. Uncle Sam’s Saints blogger Lee Gardiner gives us his take on the game. . .

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3 and out: Redskins edged by Eagles in thriller

Stand in QB Kirk Cousins threw for 427 yards and two TD’s as the Washington Redskins lost a shoot out in Philadelphia to the Eagles, going down 37-34 in a thrilling contest that could have gone either way. Here’s Uncle Sam’s Redskins blogger Christian Burt on three things he took from the game…


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3 and out: Vikings slain by Saints

Rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater made his NFL debut as the Vikes went down to a 20-11 loss in New Orleans. Bridgewater was called into action early in the 2nd quarter when Matt Cassell went down with a toe injury and led the Vikings to a field goal on his first drive. Vikings blogger Olav Sorumgard shares three things he took from the game…

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Adrian Peterson: From the Vikings “solution” to problem?

When the news broke last week about AP being indicted on a charge of reckless or negligent injury to a child, my first thought was “Oh f***! Why? Why this crap now just when the Vikings finally had some positive signs? (after thrashing the Rams 34-6 in the opening game)”.

I then realized I really should be thinking “I hope the child is ok!” and “If he beat/injured a child, to hell with him. No better, even worse, than that scumbag Ray Rice!” However, I guess that I wasn’t the only Viking fan to think about the team first and the victim second. It’s kind of what most fans do when stuff like this happens.

So while I maybe ought to discuss the severity of what Peterson did, what punishment should he get etc., I’ll leave those topics with my opinion that he did something seriously wrong and he (probably) deserves whatever is coming. Instead I’m going to “be a fan” and look at what this means for the Minnesota Vikings. And I think it basically means that the Vikings are as screwed as Peterson!

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Four Downs: New Orleans Saints

1st Down: What do you make of the Saints’ start to the season?

Simply put it’s been poor but we could just as easily be 2-0 as 0-2. The major issue so far has been a surprising lack of pass rush, this has been a factor in the secondary being left exposed to WR having far too much time to break from coverage.

The major scapegoat at the moment has been Patrick Robinson who has been consistently beaten in coverage by various receivers but without more pressure on opposing QBs it will be a similar theme all year. It’s also not helped by the Saints relatively average LB core (oh for the days of the Dome Patrol).

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Four Downs: Denver Broncos

1st Down: What do you make of the Broncos’ start to the season?

It’s been the usual standard from this Broncos team, from the sublime to the not quite ridiculous. The offense still looks like the gold standard in the league. The front office made the astute choice that Decker wasn’t going to be value for money with his new contract and Emmanuel Sanders would provide similar production for a much cheaper price; which has been borne out so far.

The defense still has more questions than answers, it looks like an improvement on last year but still hasn’t closed the large gap that the offense often covered up. So far after two games, the defense is the third worst in the league at stopping third down conversions (if there’s any small comfort from that stat, it’s that the Seahawks are currently the worst).

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