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PICK SIX – January Madness Begins

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January is always a hectic time in the NFL, so here’s Richard O’Hagan with half a dozen of the stories that you might not have noticed amid the chaos.

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3 and out: Cousins beats the Bears to keep Washington in the hunt


The Washington Redskins are hanging on in there, as this 41-21 win over the Bears keeps the play off dreams alive as we head into the final week of the regular season. As ever, Christian Burt goes Skin Deep and 3 & out…

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Panthers show glimpses of what could have been


It’s been a season full of disasters for the Carolina Panthers. Viewed as a favourite after making it to the Super Bowl a season ago, the Panthers have fallen prey to injuries and bouts of poor play. But on Monday night they showed the latest in a series of glimpses of what could have been possible this year…

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3 and out: Close call for the Skins but playoff dream still alive

The Washington Redskins came perilously near to likely play-off elimination on Sunday, but in yet another down to the wire game they live to fight another day. Our Skins writer Christian Burt goes Skin Deep and 3 & Out on the 27-22 win in Philadelphia…

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3 and out: Cousins & Co send Green Bay Packing


Just how legitimate a force are the Washington Redskins? Our Redskins correspondent Christian Burt goes Skin Deep and 3 & out for the tenth time this season…

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3 and out: Redskins held in Wembley classic


As Washington head into a needed bye week, our regular Redskins blogger Christian Burt goes Skin Deep and 3 & out – with the action live and direct at Wembley Stadium as part of the now established International Series…

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PICK SIX – The London Edition (Part 3)


The NFL’s London adventure has come to an end for another year. Richard O’Hagan has some thoughts on what was the 17th game in England’s capital. 

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3 and out: Hungry Lions Feed on Wounded Washington


It was a case of so near and yet so far as Washington came within a whisker of holding out in a gut wrenching loss to the Detroit Lions. Our regular Redskins writer goes Skin Deep and 3 & out for a seventh time this season…

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3 and out: Four in a row Skins clip Eagles wings


It doesn’t get much better than a victory over a divisional rival, and our Redskins reporter Christian Burt is delighted to go Skin Deep and 3 & out for the sixth time this season as Washington beat the Philadelphia Eagles 27-20 at FedEx Field…

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End of the 1st Quarter – Redskins right in the hunt to defend NFC East crown


Defending NFC East Champs the Washington Redskins got off to a slow start this year at 0-2 but have rebounded well with back to wins to sit just one game back of the Eagles and Cowboys. Christian Burt reports on the quarter pole progress of the Skins…

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