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Our off-season trackers cover all of the important moves that each team makes between the end of the 2016 season and the start of the 2017 one.

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EDGE RUSH – How to Fix the Pro Bowl


The latest instalment of the Pro Bowl took place last Sunday, which means that it must be time for our annual rant about it.

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So Farewell, Then…Gary Kubiak


The first week of January isn’t just about firings in the NFL. Some people get to decide when to make their own exit. The highest profile of them was in Denver.

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Roughing the Passer – Many unhappy returns, Brock


It’s the most important position in sports and also perhaps the most difficult to play, but that doesn’t mean we should go easy on them when it all goes wrong. Julian Richards dishes out the brickbats this week, to a man he once used to cheer for…

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Osweiler suffers on return as Broncos soar


Monday Night Football saw the return of a former quarterback as the Broncos reasserted their Super Bowl credentials and gave Brock Osweiler a reminder of what he left behind…

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PICK SIX – The Quarterback Edition

Pick Six logo

Our regular weekly NFL round-up, Pick Six, returns for another season. This week seems to be rather quarterback-centric!

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The End Of The Long Goodbye

Manning retires

Payton Manning has finally confirmed what most of us have suspect for a while. Richard O’Hagan pays brief tribute to the man who put Omaha on the football map.

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Broncos trample Panthers on way to third Super Bowl in team history

Super Bowl 50 - Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos

It’s been a long season but the end was reached on Sunday with the Denver Broncos as the Super Bowl Champions. What did our resident Broncos fan make of it all?

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Superbowl 50: Age Before Beauty As Broncos Down Panthers

Manning Superbowl 50

The NFL didn’t get the outstanding game that it wanted for its landmark 50th, but it did get a storyline for the ages as Manning, Miller and Malik led Denver to their third Lombardi trophy. Richard O’Hagan recaps Sunday’s events.

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Conference Championships Preview

NFL Conference Logo

And then there were four. The 2015 NFL season reaches the Conference Championships, with the top two seed from both the NFC and the AFC slugging it out on Sunday night. Richard O’Hagan tries to predict what will happen. 

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