Unique Brissett II: The big name recruit who never was

In the world of sport, there are few things stranger than some of the goings on you’ll hear about in College Football. Even by the wacky standards of NCAA though, this one stands out as being a bit special. Andy Turner reports… 

College football’s lifeblood is the recruiting process, the system by which high school football players are offered one of the precious scholarships a university has to offer.

The recruitment process isn’t like the NFL draft as there are literally thousands of high school players available each year. No college, not even the biggest and wealthiest, can scout every player in person so they rely on high school coaches in state, recruiting services and the relatively new phenomenon – fuelled by social media – of recruits putting together their own websites and self promotion.

Recently a Wide Receiver from the Bronx, New York, Unique Brissett II was building some buzz amongst the college recruiting world.

It is worth noting that in the world of college football fans, recruiting and the quality of recruits who commit to play at your school is a big and highly competitive thing. College fans closely monitor which recruits have visited their school and potential recruits have a limited number of visits they are allowed to make. These are all expense paid trips to a college as that college attempts to impress a recruit over a weekend.

Brissett II was reporting that he had visited and or had offers from a number of top schools including Michigan, Kentucky and Miami (Fla.) 

After a visit to Michigan State he tweeted a picture of the locker rooms, a major Michigan State fan site re-tweeted it and the fallout began when it turned out Brissett had re-tweeted another recruits photograph of the impressive state locker room.

This opened the floodgates:

  • Andrew Ivins, a reporter who covers Miami, reported that Brissett was unknown to the Miami coaching staff. He further reached out to the Kentucky coaching staff, who also denied having any contact with Brissett.
  • Further investigation revealed the Junior College he listed as having attended had shut down a year previously.
  • His profiles on different recruiting sites had him as listed at different heights and weights.
  • The youtube highlight videos he had posted… not him…

His high school is listed as being in the Bronx, where there are actually two schools of the same name. The first had never heard of him, oh and they don’t actually have a football team. The second school? They hadn’t had a football team for 5 years and had no record of Brissett.

It would appear that college football was ‘catfished’ by Brissett, or whoever is behind the ‘footballer’ known as Brissett. And he don’t seem too bothered, whoever ‘he’ is!

The sobering thought is that agencies were actually rating him and talking about him, yet clearly absolutely nobody could ever have legitimately scouted him.

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