3 and out: Close call for the Skins but playoff dream still alive

The Washington Redskins came perilously near to likely play-off elimination on Sunday, but in yet another down to the wire game they live to fight another day. Our Skins writer Christian Burt goes Skin Deep and 3 & Out on the 27-22 win in Philadelphia…

Defence gets to Wentz (eventually)

The pre-game Twitter question that sports fans love to answer: how do we go about getting the Win? It just needed a look back to the Week 6 victory over the Eagles when the Redskins sacked Wentz five times to know that answer – pressurise the rookie QB.

I can’t say, however, that I thought it would take a Ryan Kerrigan bowl of gravy to be served up so bum-clenchingly late in the day – under the two minute warning – to finally clip the wings of a spirited Philadelphia  team.

Then you take a step back and realise this is the Washington Redskins whose soundtrack should be Oh Lonesome Me by Neil Young; we got it done though and sent the Eagles into the 1% chance category of making the play-offs.

Looks like the Lincoln Financial Field trophy cabinet will be staying barer than a naturist convention on a nudist beach once again then. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtnoy_JDWbY]

Off-season: Jackson or Garcon?

I’ll have to confess straight away: I absolutely love #88 and the fired-up approach to football from the clutch master Pierre Garcon. But then the flip is that you witness DeSean Jackson absolutely burn a backfield, in this case for an amazing over the shoulder EIGHTY YARD touchdown and the decision of Pierre or DeSean seems far more complicated.

It’s mentioned often that Garcon is the easier to replace and has less of a unique skill set than Jackson. But I doubt there’s a WR with more heart and clutch ability around than Pierre – plus he has been consistently a go-to for Kirk Cousins ever since #8 took over the QB role full-time.

No doubt GM Scot McCloughlan took Josh Doctson as the Skins Round 1 pick with the cap in mind; but as we know, we haven’t seen much of Josh owing to a nagging Achilles injury and he is on IR.

My guess: next season the Skins main receiving core will be Reed, Crowder, Doctson and Jackson. That’s pretty elite but with significant question marks with regard to durability – not something you can ever level at the warrior Garcon. Although when you also throw in Vernon Davis as a sure handed target I’d probably concede Jackson does overall edge the Haitian.

Connect Four

My main man Josh Norman said it all has he left Lincoln Financial Field – one down, three to go. If the Washington Redskins are to progress to a second season of play-off football then it’ll have to be three wins on the spin.

So, how are we baring up – or rather at this stage how banged up are we? No doubt the four game ban for Trent Williams can be a positive for the games ahead; Trent looked full of beans in his return on Sunday and the Skins best player at full fitness could be decisive down the stretch protecting the on-form Cousins.

Captain Kirk threw a pick six at a vital time; but before that KC was on course for a perfect QB rating. I’ve little concern for any nerves for our #8 who appears to be in the mood and clicking through the gears smoother than a Ferrari in a silk dinner jacket. 

Jordan Reed as we know is banged up real bad with the shoulder dislocation and yet still made some vital receptions. Can his load increase or will Reed and the Skins have to survive on scraps rather than a full feed? 

A return to the FedEx is up next and it’ll be Monday Night Football in DC. Carolina made the Superbowl last year, and although Cam Newton & Co have had a pretty much disaster of a season, they are on the back of a win vs the Chargers and I’m sure would love to reacquaint with Norman and get a win.

A Game Ball for…

The Eagles are 1-5 against Washington since Desean Jackson switched to burgundy & gold, so I’ll flip this to Chip Kelly. Not really, I’m sailing it 80 yards to DJax. 

Hail to the Redskins!


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