3 and out – Redskins hold out the Panthers late bite

The Washington Redskins continue to be a W-L-W-L-W team in 2018. Christian Burt goes Skin Deep and 3 and out on the heart pounding hold out 23-17 win vs the Carolina Panthers

Warriors come out to play

There are some guys in the National Football League who define toughness. The Redskins have a 33 year old football player whose freakish athletic abilities are combined with a true warrior spirit to get out on the field any Sunday.

Adrian Peterson wasn’t just beat up. This is a guy who just the week before had separated his shoulder and suffered a knee injury that at the time appeared season ending. His response to what would put mere mortals in Accident & Emergency: to run for 97 yards on 17 carries at 5.7 yards per carry. All this talk of a first black Bond, ha, the first black Superman already exists and Peterson gets the game ball this week.

Another superhero in burgundy & gold, namely LT Trent Williams, was perhaps slightly below par in pass protection after recent knee surgery.  So what does old Silverback go and do to help Washington to victory: collects a forced fumble and rushes for 8 yards leading to a career long 56 yard field goal from the hugely dependable kicker Dustin Hopkins.

Who are the Washington Redskins?

OK, so the obvious bookmaking call on the Redskins is that they are firmly an 8-8 team if the current trend continues. Success so far in 2018 has been built on excellent starts, coupled with an ability on the interior DL and back field to make the run stuffing and pass breaking plays respectively to see the team through to a victory.

We all know the most important position in the NFL is that of the QB. Alex Smith has so far shown the game managing abilities that marked him as a quarterback who rarely turns the ball over. Under the tutelage of Bill Callahan, the Redskins O-Line have shown strength in creating gaps for the evergreen Peterson, but have arguably offered a downturn in pass protection for Smith.

It is clear that Washington does not have a standout WR on the roster, and a first rounder of 2016, Josh Doctson, despite a solid showing on Sunday, does not look like he will have the health or separation skill set to be that guy.

I continue to believe that Alex Smith is an above average QB in the NFL. Alex has the mental toughness, experience and ability, when necessary, to go downfield when required. Sneaky prediction: I’d not be surprised if Smith starts to link up with another former draft first rounder in Michael Floyd. Watch this space on that one; it might just turn the Redskins into a 10-6 season record.

We want Dallas

Washington is sitting on top of the NFC East with the 3-2 record after five games.

There is now a huge opportunity for the burgundy and gold to legitimately lie down a marker for divisional championship aspirations. A positive result vs. fierce rivals the Dallas Cowboys at the FedEx this Sunday would make even the most critical commentators take notice of the Redskins.

You cannot underestimate how a win would seriously set-up the season for a franchise that seems to be slowly matching the unarguable devotion of a fan base devoid of meaningful post season match ups.

Dallas has shown a perhaps unexpected ability to get to the QB in 2018. They are strong in sacks and assisted tackles, with Demarcus Lawrence already registering 5.5 sacks in 2018. Smith will need better protection than he got in Sunday, and, as requested by HC Jay Gruden, Alex Smith himself may need to get the ball out a bit quicker.

Final thoughts: Rich Tandler

Great Washington reporters and outlets such as JP Finlay, John Keim and Burgundy Blog will have already expressed far more eloquently than I what a huge heart breaker it was to hear of the passing of Rich Tandler who died on Tuesday night aged just 63.

In simple terms, I felt Rich was a huge inspiration to all us guys & gals who love the Washington Redskins enough to scribble our thoughts now and then. The affection towards Rich on this sudden passing was consistent; Rich Tandler was a Redskin who had time for everyone and was a man who fulfilled his dreams as a Washington reporter late in life and thus an inspiration to all.

RIP Rich and I do hope they might just be spinning The Beatles wherever you might be now.

Hail to the Redskins






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