3 and out: Rams end 4 game losing streak in a defensive battle against the Jets

The Los Angeles Rams ended a four game losing streak by beating the New York Jets 9-6 in a game dominated by defense. This was the first time the Rams had won a game by 9-6 in franchise history which has kept their slim chance of making the playoffs alive. Tom Green reports…

1. The offense couldn’t finish off a drive

The LA Rams have one of the worst performing offenses in the league and were taking on a Jets defense who are one of the best against the run in the NFL. It was never going to be a high scoring game but the Rams will be dissapointed that they couldn’t take more of their chances.

They managed to get into the redzone on three occassions throughout the game because of good performances by Todd Gurley III (who rushed for 64 yards despite having a minor injury) and Benny Cunningham, who only made 40 yards on the ground but picked up a lot of first downs. However, once the Rams were in the endzone they were unable to capitalize on their field position and were overwhelmed by the Jets defense.

The closest they came to scoring a touchdown was a 16 yard incomplete pass from Case Keenum to Cunningham in the end zone. Apart from these drives the Rams were unable to give the Jets defense any serious concerns.


2. The defense dominated the game

The New York Jets offense was shut down due to a couple of factors. The first of them was because they fielded Bryce Petty under center, who prior to the game against the Rams had only taken two snaps in the NFL against the Miami Dolphins.

The second was the performance of the Rams defensive unit which shut down the passing game, restricting Petty to only 182 passing yards, and aggresive defensive play calling by Greg Williams which made it difficult for the Jets to convert on third down attempts.

The stand out player on the Rams defense was Alec Ogletree who made 10 solo tackles and the game winning interception in the third quarter. The Defensive line also made an impact during the game as William Hayes had two QB hits and Aaron Donald had one. Ethan Westbrooks and Dominique Easely also had respectable performances.

3. Special Teams made an impact

The Rams may have been unable to score on offense but the special teams unit had an impressive game. Greg Zuerlein scored 3 field goals with the longest being a 38 yard field goal. Johnny Hecker‘s performance in the game was crucial as he managed to pin the Jets offense inside their own half as he averaged 51.7 on every punt. His longest punt of the day was a 78 yarder which is the joint longest punt of the 2016 (the other 78 yard punt was kicked by Jacksonville Jaguars punter Brad Norman).

Extra Point. Jared Goff will start next sunday

Earlier this week the Los Angeles Rams announced that they would be starting the number 1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft: Jared Goff. In his senior year at the University of California, Berkley with the Golden Bears, he threw for 4719 yards and scored 43 touchdowns. He also helped lead the Golden Bears to a Bowl championship victory over Air Force.

The Rams have come under criticism for not starting him over Keenum earlier in the season particually as they traded 6 draft picks including their first round pick in next years draft to move up and get Goff. The game will also be at the LA Coliseum which should please the fans.

Game Ball to…

Alec Ogletree.

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