3 and Out: Sorry Washington whupped by lowly Bucs

Washington slipped to 3-7 for the year after a 20 point home loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday. Things are clearly bad when you’re getting beat by the Bucs and they’re obviously REALLY bad when the scoreline is 27-7. Bad enough to call for your team to trade for Jay Cutler though? ‘Skins fan Christian Burt thinks so after this shocker…  

1. It’s my ball and I’m taking it home

Robert sure likes holding the football; it’s like his own little snuggle blanket. With practically zero protection from an OL that lost it’s only quality tackle, Trent Williams, to a knee injury,  RG3 was sacked six times. It’s perhaps no surprise he wants something to cling onto, I just wish it wasn’t the football!  

What do the Redskins have to hold onto after this home defeat vs. a Tampa Bay side that came into the match up at 1-8? Not much more than hoping for a few more victories to hopefully go slightly better than the 3-13 record of 2013. Depressing.

There will certainly be a clamour from some for Colt McCoy to be brought back into the QB position, but I can’t see it happening now. Like Mike Shanahan before him, it seems HC Jay Gruden does have concerns about Griffin but I’m pretty certain he will see out the remainder of this season. It’ll mean more experience, with hopefully a sensible draft & free agents in the weak areas to increase QB protection for 2015.

 2. Injuries haven’t helped in key areas

Come the end of the season assessment, it will be undeniable that injuries in key positions have hurt Washington badly in 2014. It’s been areas whereby you feel the Redskins just cannot afford to be further weakened – and you couldn’t pick two more essential players than Williams and DeAngelo Hall to be absent. The OL and coverage game in DC had real problems anyway; without those two these problems have become insurmountable and Washington is now staring into a large negative record once again. The DL after that big display against Dallas has also suffered, Orakpo a big loss there too. 

3. Thinking of 2015

There’ll be far more questions than answers at the end of the regular season for the Skins, with only the receiving corps, and probably Morris at RB, beyond any stern examination. Everything else, including coaching and leadership on the field will be under real scrutiny from the unpopular owner Dan Snyder.

Will it be too difficult to bolster coverage and the offensive line via the draft and free agency? Hopefully not, and Washington may even go for an experienced/out of favour QB to fit the Gruden passing style.  Jay Cutler anyone?!

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