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Baseball is Back! – Season Preview: American League East

Baseball is back, they call it America’s Summer Game so it’s always a sign of better weather ahead. Andy Turner brings you all you need to know ahead of the new season, kicking things off with the American League East…

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Does Hanley Ramirez have a place with the 2016 Red Sox?

He was a big money free agent acquisition but can Hanley Ramirez rebound and have a better 2016 with the Boston Red Sox? Matt Barrett looks at his career so far to see if Boston can solve a problem like Hanley…

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Boston breaks the bank for David Price. Is he worth it?

The Boston Red Sox finally made the move and got the anchor that their rotation desperately needed. That starting pitcher came at a cost however, Matt Barrett checks out whether the price really was right for the Red Sox…

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Waiving goodbye to the 2012 Red Sox

After a while you’re just glad that it’s over. A public admission that the pretence can’t go on anymore, this Red Sox team isn’t making the playoffs, isn’t functioning as it should and it’s time we all just accept this and move on. Of course most people with a set of eyes could tell you that, it’s been a season of poor pitching, media hurricanes (storm is too nice), manager goofs and ridiculous, astounding injuries.

When your team puts players of value, with high contracts, on waivers in August, you know the game is up. More importantly, you know the front office knows the game is finally up. It’s not that difficult a decision, the Red Sox sit 13.5 games back on the Yankees at the top of the AL East. 8.5 games back on the AL Wildcard race and 7 games under .500, having lost 4 in a row and 7 out of their last 10. That’s not post-season form, that’s Chicago Cubs form (it really is, they’re last 10 game record is identical).

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