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Can the Cleveland Cavaliers defend their NBA title this season?

The Cleveland Cavaliers did the unthinkable last season as they came from 3-1 down against the record-breaking Golden State Warriors to secure an incredible first NBA Championship victory. Can they retain their title? We examine their chances…

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Did the Boston Celtics Unbalance the NBA?

The NBA Season is almost upon us and most experts predict it will once again come down to a battle between the Golden State Warriors and the defending champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Both are following a lead set by Boston almost a decade ago, writes Andy Turner…

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Heat Watch: The reality of life without LeBron

Let me start off with a little disclaimer. When I moved to Florida in 2010, I didn’t like basketball. Aside from a little spell at secondary school, when I enjoyed playing NBA Jam on the Megadrive and another brief period at university, when I bought a Kobe jersey, I’d never liked it.

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