Bears rally in Arizona to lead NFC North

The Bears are top of the NFC North. How mad is that? Who’d have believed we’d be here after that shameful fourth quarter collapse at Lambeau Field a couple of weeks ago? It has as much to do with some surprising – you might even call them freak – results elsewhere as it does anything that Chicago have done, but the Bears are in first place…

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QUICK SNAPS: The Coaching Merry-Go-Round (2017 edition)

It’s that time of year again. The regular season ends and all hell lets loose in the managerial ranks of the NFL. Head coaches, assistant coaches, general managers and other staff are all in the firing line as franchises search for the ingredient which will bring them success in 2018. Richard O’Hagan tries to keep up.

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Bears look good? The Browns must be even worse than we thought.

Full disclosure: I thought the Bears would lose this. In my defence, why wouldn’t I? John Fox has been in town three years and in that time he’s never won a game in which the Bears were favourites. It had only happened seven times, because the Bears have been so bad it’s not often anyone expects them to win…

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