3 and out: Signs of improvement for Saints

The New Orleans Saints finally recorded their first win of the new season with a hard fought victory over the plucky Minnesota Vikings. Drew Brees and his offence put up 13 quick unanswered points but couldn’t put the Vikings away until late in the 3rd when the QB hooked up with Marques Colston for the TD. Uncle Sam’s Saints blogger Lee Gardiner gives us his take on the game. . .

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Four Downs: New Orleans Saints

1st Down: What do you make of the Saints’ start to the season?

Simply put it’s been poor but we could just as easily be 2-0 as 0-2. The major issue so far has been a surprising lack of pass rush, this has been a factor in the secondary being left exposed to WR having far too much time to break from coverage.

The major scapegoat at the moment has been Patrick Robinson who has been consistently beaten in coverage by various receivers but without more pressure on opposing QBs it will be a similar theme all year. It’s also not helped by the Saints relatively average LB core (oh for the days of the Dome Patrol).

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