Pick Six: Handicapping Week 9 in the NFL

Last week was a winning week for me, bringing my overall total steadily into the black. Unfortunately I’m getting this column out a little later than usual, because my first real life bet of the week one of my favourites – Saints/Panthers (Saints -3), which was a winner for yours truly. However, there is a pattern to this week’s more interesting plays. Simply put, if you’re the kinda guy that likes to bet on double-digits dogs, Week 9 is for you. I’m Liam O’Rourke, and this is Pick Six…

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Pick Six: Handicapping Week 8 in the NFL

First week, I go 3-0. Next week, I’m 0-3. So of course, in total parity fashion, last week I went .500. I ended up in the black after pulling back on my Panthers/Packers play in Week 7 at the last minute when gut feeling told me not to walk towards the light, so this week I’m looking for a more convincing winning percentage once again. I’m Liam O’Rourke, and this is ‘Pick Six’…

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Pick Six: Handicapping Week 7 in the NFL


3-0 in Week 5 and 0-3 in Week 6, our ramblin’, gamblin’ son of a gun Liam O’Rourke came down to earth with a bang last week. At least he’s still at .500 and aiming to bounce back in Week 7 with six fresh picks.


Last week was a real “Come to Jesus” meeting for yours truly. After getting a perfect record on Week 5, I laid an egg on a Week 6 card I openly stated I wasn’t a fan of, made worse by some very unexpected results (when the Seahawks are losing at home, you know the week isn’t normal). But undeterred, I am back to reclaim the money that was left on the field by the Giants, Falcons and Texans.

If you’re new to NFL Handicapping, here’s a helpful guide I penned previously.

Game 1: New York Jets @ New England Patriots

Favourite: Patriots -10 over the Jets

So of the two teams with huge point spreads last week (Jets and Oakland), it was the Raiders who managed to cover, while the Jets were steamrolled once more, continuing to look like something that fell out of a dog’s ass. The Patriots looked impressive on the road, and are starting to play like a team to fear again.

But much like last week, where I used the Jets as my “general principle” play, the value in this line is all in the J-E-T-S. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they have a prayer, and it is quite likely that this will be another destruction that will have fans longing for the days of Mark Sanchez eating green ass on national television. But double-digit favourites are not something to bet on in the NFL for this writer, and I implore you to approach with caution. As tempting as it can be, as bad as the Jets look, it’s a volatile gamble to make.

My Pick: I’m not playing it because again, it’s the Jets on the road, but if you’re a sadist, you have to play them here.

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