College Football once again marked by scandal

You may have read some of the articles posted about the Baylor University scandals which eventually cost Head Coach Art Briles his job. This off season has seen two more coaches under pressure for their jobs. Andy Turner reports…

DJ Durkin was a much sought after coach before the University of Maryland snapped him up to be their head coach in 2015.  He had previously been a highly thought of defensive coordinator and had worked on the staffs of Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, Urban Meyer and then Will Muschamp at Florida before rejoining Harbaugh at Michigan.

For Maryland his hiring was a statement move. The football program is, in a similar fashion to Oregon heavily supported by the guys behind Under Armour sportswear and they have donated large sums to the program in their desire to become a power in the Big 10 conference.

As part of Durkin’s staff was Rick Court, strength and conditioning coach. Apparently he was one of the school of hard ass, challenge your manhood coaches, and then some as it turns out.

Jordan McNair was 19 year old offensive tackle, who died during one of Court’s training sessions. That isn’t a misprint. Jordan McNair died.  He died of heat exhaustion during a conditioning session which left him in a coma before finally passing on two weeks later.  The University was forced to admit that basic medical procedures had not been followed when McNair was initially found to be in distress. His vital signs were not monitored he was not immersed in a cooling water bath all of which probably directly contributed to his eventual death.

Jordan McNair tragically died of heat exhaustion following practice

This followed by a damning ESPN inquiry which stated that Durkin had created a verbally abusive and humiliating atmosphere at the University’s football program.  Court was alleged to be one of the master orchestrators and promptly resigned. Al this was happening on Durkin’s watch and it is alleged with Durkin’s tacit approval.  Maryland has placed Durkin on administrative leave and his job must be in considerable jeopardy pending the outcome of an investigation.

An even more high profile coach in trouble is Meyer at Ohio State.  Once again the scandal centres on an assistant coach, Zach Smith.  The story goes something like this:

Brett McMurphy, former ESPN college football correspondent broke a story that Smith had over a period of time been guilty of domestic abuse toward his former wife Cindy. By period of time, we are talking all the way back to 2009.  It is alleged that Meyer has known about it and has covered it up and never taken any sanctions against Smith, who it turns out, is grandson of legendary Buckeyes coach (and mentor to Meyer) Earle Bruce.

When confronted with the allegations, Meyer’s first reaction was to deny knowledge of many of the incidents.  A few days later Smith was fired, with no reason specified.  Meyer flat out denied knowing details of a lot of the incidents at a press conference, but was later proven to have lied. He then released a statement claiming not have intended to lie or mislead the press.

The link below will take you to full timeline which is both lengthy and revelations have continued to grow, including Smith having oral sex with an Ohio State staff member in his office and so on and on.

The main points from this story are

  1. The story was broken by McMurphy on his facebook page because he was released in ESPN’s latest cost cutting and no other sports network had the balls to pick up the story, which surely could not have been secret in this day and age, with court records and so on being in the public forum.
  2. The football coaching old boys club once again is responsible for covering for heinous acts against women
  3. Urban Meyer, who in the college football world is second to Nick Saban, has been suspended after a university led investigation. For 3 games, when undeniably a lesser coach would have been sacked.  He lied, it has already come out that his wife knew as she had been told by Cindy Smith, and so are we to believe that she never talks to her husband?
  4. Ohio State has demonstrated that it values the wins and kudos its head football coach brings to the University over common decency

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