So the Cubs won the World Series… Fans in Arizona & San Diego & Buffalo have hope

The Chicago Cubs ended a 108 year wait for a title last week, but there are still some teams who have not tasted championship success in the lifetimes of many of their long suffering fans. Andy Turner takes a look at the longest droughts in US Sports…

Unless you have just come out of a coma you may have noticed that the Chicago Cubs last week won the World Series. This wasn’t the whole story, after all somebody wins it every year, the story was the 108 years since they had last won it and the cherry on top was the existence of a curse; the curse of the Billy goat.

Now that the Billy goat’s curse has gone the way of the ‘curse of the bambino’ attention has started focusing on teams with the longest championship droughts.

This is always a little tricky due to the tendency of North American sports franchises to relocate, plus what constitutes a championship drought? Easy in most sports but in football, do we include pre-superbowl or NFL or AFL titles?  Yes we do!


The next table shows the 10 teams plus the Toronto Maple Leafs across the 4 major North American sports leagues currently with the longest wait for a title.  I found myself doing a double take when I saw the Maple Leafs, they are included as they are the NHL team with the current longest wait and if you believe their fans it’s a wait that will go on for a while yet.


The final table shows the 10 North American cities currently with the longest drought since a sports title by any team in one of the 4 major North American sports leagues, so CFL titles are ignored.


Honourable mention should go to Minneapolis-St. Paul who has now gone 25 years since a championship (the Minnesota Twins 1991 World Series), which is the longest drought for a city with a team in all four of the major sports leagues.

Finally honourable mention has to go Buffalo, who have the Curse of Buffalo, which apparently is a thing.

It supposedly dates back to the 1901 assassination of President William McKinley, which as you may or may not know happened in Buffalo. Why would this curse Buffalo sports teams? apparently this is because McKinley was a Freemason and… well that’s it. Yep it’s weird. 

What isn’t weird is the following; Four consecutive super bowl defeats – including the “Wide Right” and the “where’s my helmet?” games – and the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals (or the “No Goal!” game as Buffalo Sabres fans seem to call it.

Andy Turner

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