DRAFT PREVIEW: Picks 5 and 18 – Tennessee Titans

The second team with multiple first round picks are the Titans, but we’re focusing on them now as they have the fifth pick.

Picks: 5 (from Rams) and 12

2016 Record: 9-7

What went right in 2016? This was a surprisingly good year for the Titans, who improved massively under Mike Mullarkey and were contending for playoff positions until much deeper into the season than they expected (or, indeed, have become accustomed to over the past few years). To show what a difference a good Draft pick can make, after just two years Marcus Mariota is already up to 7th in the list of all time passers for the franchise and will move into 5th in the current season.

And what went wrong? Mariota’s broken leg on Christmas Eve was less than ideal in lots of ways, but by then the Titans’ playoff hopes were gone anyway. Other than that, it is hard to find anything much to grumble about in what was, overall, a pretty good 2016.

What do they need? Linebacker, Cornerback, Wide Receiver

Who will they pick? If the Titans pick according to need, then the outstanding choice here is Ohio State cornerback Marshon Lattimore. He would have to be their choice with the fifth pick as there’s no way he’ll last until the 18th. Alternatively, they could fill their need for a receiver by taking Mike Williams from Clemson at five, but the chances are that either the incredibly speedy John Ross (who broke the Combine 40 yard sprint record back in February) or Corey Davis would still be available then, suggesting that it will be Tennessee for Lattimore.

Richard O’Hagan

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