Richard O’Hagan’s fantasy football season is well underway. Today he looks back at an eventful opening week.

The first thing to be thankful for in any fantasy football week, be it the first or last of the season or somewhere in between, is that you got through the week without any injuries. I know this more than most. In 2015 I went through so many running backs that, by the end of the season and in a league where I am required to play two of them, I was left with players who were third down backs at best.

Fortunately, I didn’t have Keenan Allen, RGIII or Chris Ivory in my lineups for this weekend, and anyone who did has my sympathies (yes, I know that Griffin played a full game, but he was pants even before he got injured). Who I did have in my teams, though, were Jay Ajayi and Adrian Peterson.

Ajayi, the London-born Dolphins running back, was only in the team as a reserve to cover bye weeks, so the fact that he had a mega-sulk at losing the starting role to Arian Foster and was left out of the game day 46 entirely didn’t hurt me, but it doesn’t bode well for the future.

Peterson, meanwhile, showed his gratitude at being my first round pick in one league and the recipient of over 30% of my salary cap by clocking up a massive three points in his first game. Now, I thought that the loss of Teddy Bridgewater would open up more rushing opportunities for AD, especially with the noodle-armed Shaun Hill under center. I’d reckoned without the inability of the Vikings front five to open up any holes for him to run through, though.

Last week’s results were a 10 point win in one league (not bad) but a 17 point loss in the other, which is something of a thrashing in a league where points are scarce (thanks, Mr Peterson). Still, this is another week, and it all starts again tomorrow evening.преступления в социальных сетяхBinary Options No Deposit Bonus 2017

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  1. “Noodle arm” is such a great insult. The first time I ever came across it was when I was browsing through a Bears forum after they’d played the Panthers. Cutler had missed the game with a concussion (might have been the week after the Giants almost killed him) and Todd Collins was just one hopping everything. He was horrendous, and someone called him noodle arm. Kept me laughing for hours.

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