Gould-en Oldie comes back to kick Bears where it hurts

San Francisco’s Robbie Gould kicked five field goals on his return to Soldier Field to inflict misery on his former team. This loss was just so Bears, writes a dejected Dave Usher…

I don’t even know what to say anymore. The Bears are just so bad it’s impossible to do it justice in mere words. They’re almost Cleveland Browns-ish in how embarrassing they are.

Losing a game where all the other team’s points were scored by the kicker you ran out of town is just about as Bears as it gets. It’s the kind of thing that makes you say “that could only happen to them”. That’s why they’re like the Browns. They aren’t quite there yet, but that’s the direction they’re trending in.

The Bears battled hard against the impressive Jimmy Garoppolo and although they gave up a lot of yardage they didn’t allow a TD. They still lost because Robbie Gould kicked five field goals and the Bears offense only put up seven points. Tarik Cohen added a glorious punt return TD but 14 points is going to get you beat almost every week.

Gould enjoyed his game winner and let the Bears sideline know it. John Fox was reportedly the one who wanted him gone and he was also the one who wanted Connor Barth to replace him. Two weeks after Barth was cut for the last in a long line of costly missed kicks, Gould returned to rub Fox’s nose in it. That’s so Bears.

I didn’t even write anything after the loss at Philly last week. What is there to say? I actually switched that game off at half time and I’ve never done that before. Even in the worst blow outs I’ve watched until the end, but last week was just too much, they couldn’t even muster a single first down in the first half. I know Philly are good, but still, c’mon man.

I wasn’t even angry, I was just sad and didn’t want to watch any more. There’s no point getting angry, they are who they are. I was angry when they lost to the Packers a few weeks back because back then there was still some hope they were trending in a positive direction. Now? They’re as bad as last year, probably worse actually.

There’s no reason to watch them. They’re incredibly dull and although there are some hideous offenses in the league this year (Denver and Miami spring to mind), the Bears are as bad as any. The defense are doing their best even though they’re short handed and have no pass rushers left, but it’s the offense that just makes you lose the will to live when you watch them. They’re terrible and they’re predictable.

Bringing in Mitch Trubisky was supposed to at least make things interesting and provide a reason to keep watching, but he’s so green he could be a stunt double for the Incredible Hulk. Not even watching the kid makes it worthwhile.

Cohen is the only reason to watch this team. Jordan Howard is excellent too but the o-line is so beat up that even Howard is finding it tough at the moment. I love Cohen, he’s the most exciting Bear since Devin Hester and his punt return TD against the Niners was just terrific. Other than him though, who provides any kind of excitement at all? Nobody.

I can’t pretend to have any answers on how this can be turned around, but clearly Fox has to go and there has to be a major question mark about Dowell Loggains. The problem there is we don’t know just how much of the offensive gameplan is Loggains and how much of it is him tailoring things to suit what Fox wants.

Trubisky let something slip in a press conference a couple of weeks ago that Fox had let them open things up a little, so that suggests that this constant ‘run run pass punt’ offense is the result of instruction from the head coach, but quite frankly I doubt anyone would care if Loggains followed Fox out of the door.

I’m sick of seeing bad coaching and head scratching decisions. Why did the Bears not allow the Niners to score and give Trubisky a chance to win the game with a minute still on the clock? Instead they made tackles and allowed the Niners to run down the clock before giving Gould a chip shot to win it.

What was Fox hoping for there? Did he think Gould was going to miss? Sorry John, you must have him confused with someone else, like Barth perhaps. I seriously don’t get it. You have to let them score a TD and then give Mitch a shot at winning it. There was literally nothing to be gained by doing it Fox’s way.

He has to go but I don’t have any great confidence in GM Ryan Pace either. I don’t think he’s terrible but the bad outweighs the good so far. The problem is you can’t keep firing coaches and GM’s every two or three years or you become the Browns. The Bears are almost there already though, so do they stick or twist?

I don’t know, I’m just completely fed up of them being crap as it’s been going on too long.

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