High Flying Eagles hoping to take down the ‘Evil Empire’

Super Bowl week is well and truly upon us. The hype is like no other in sport and for those who follow the NFL, this is the greatest show on Earth. It’s a week of shredded nerves if your team happens to be involved in it though…

Since I began supporting the Philadelphia Eagles this is only the second time they’ve got to the big one. The first time was 13 years ago and it was also against the New England Patriots. I was finding my feet as a follower of NFL back then, I’d picked my team and tried to get invested as much as I could. I was disappointed with that loss but it never really effected me in a way that, say a Liverpool FC loss would.

Plus, the Eagles were a solid team back then so I probably thought that they would get to another one sooner rather than later, when I’d gotten into the sport a bit more. How wrong I was!

They haven’t even been near a Super Bowl since then and the team never looked like getting there through these 13 years. That was until a number 1 ginger draft pick rolled into town at the start of last season. Carson Wentz at quarterback has lit up this team and he’s got everything a team needs in that position, but it’s not all a one man show in Philly. There are quality players all over this team now and the shrewd business done by GM Howie Roseman has really propelled this team into, well one of the two best in the NFL.

As great as the season has been for Eagles fans, it hasn’t been all ‘Philly Cheese Steaks and Wings’. In a week 14 win over the LA Rams the unthinkable happened: Wentz hobbled off the field and wouldn’t return for the rest of this Eagles campaign. An ACL injury burst the Super Bowl bubble for the vast majority of Eagles fans. I said at the time a Super Bowl loss would be an incredible season for us now, but you never know whats going to happen.

If the Eagles win the Super Bowl on Sunday night, it may go down as one of the biggest shocks in the Super Bowl era. This is one of the biggest weeks of the year for online sports betting and unsurprisingly the Patriots are strong favourites, but really that means nothing. Any Given Sunday and all that.

Media coverage has largely been focused on The Evil Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. Sorry, my bad, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, and probably rightly so. They are making history and can make more history and they’ve been at the top of the NFL tree for decades, so swatting away a Nick Foles led Philadelphia Eagles team in a Super Bowl, where they play near enough every year, shouldn’t be a problem? Right?

I’ve watched the Eagles do some amazing things over these past five months, stayed up all night with work the next day, seen our dreams hobble off an LA football field and lived every second of that NFC Championship game against the Vikings, but if they can get their game together on Sunday night, it’ll be greatest thing to happen for the birds in forever!

Do I think the Eagles can win the Holy Grail of football? Yes, you’re damn straight I do! But it will not be easy and it’s going to take everything we’ve got to beat the greatest team in the NFL. In our last Super Bowl I was finding my place as a supporter in the sport. Today I’m a fully invested Philadelphia Eagles fan and I’m proud to say it.

Its Super Bowl time ladies and gentleman and if those Birds go back to Philly with those championship rings, it’ll rank up there was one of my greatest nights a sports fan.

Fly Eagles, Fly.


Dave Rigby



Dave Rigby
Philadelphia Eagles fan for over 10 years. Also - Florida Gators, Boston Celtics & Orlando City FC. Cannot get into baseball for the life of me!
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