Ignore Saban – The Crimson Tide keeps on rolling

Alabama’s College Football Dominance continues and yet Nick Saban says “call Alabama a stinking pile of horseshit”. Why? Andy Turner explains…

Alabama:  After another ho hum demolition of Texas A&M by the Death Star formerly known as Alabama, head coach Darth Vader Nick Saban, implored reporters at his post game press conference to be critical of his team and players. To talk about the things they didn’t do so well rather than the usual slurping and praise so that he would have material to take back to his team and criticise them. 

Of course this plea fell on deaf ears as the current Alabama team looks increasingly like an NFL team and at this current time it is very difficult to pick a team who can stop them being national champions again. 

Saban’s salary is $7.5 million dollars this year and will increase by $400,000 dollars every year as part of a deal which runs through to 2025. The deal should be worth $74 million dollars.  He also received a $4 million dollar signing bonus upon signing the contract so in 2017 actually earned over $11 million in 2017.

(Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh is making $7 million a year, including a $2 million annual life insurance premium. He made $9 million last year, when he received the insurance payouts in both June and December.)

The University recently opened a new sports nutrition centre exclusively for athletes, but it’s the football programme which it’s targeted for at a cost of $14m. This is following on from $9m on a new training facility opened in 2013.

The state of Alabama is one of the five poorest states in the USA.

There is an arms race going in college football when it comes to training facilities etc., schools such as Clemson, Michigan and Ohio State have realised these are key recruiting tools.

If you look at Alabama under Saban you will see he has been one of the first to realise this and has been reaping the dividend in recruiting and consequently on the field. I recently saw a picture of Alabama’s running backs in 2014, TJ Yeldon, Derrick Henry and Kenyan Drake; these are all NFL backs that came from one college team. Incredible.

Alabama under Saban are becoming very scary; their simple talent advantage is so marked over all but a very few teams that it has to worry the powers that be particularly in regard of TV ratings. The only hope is that in the play-off situation in one game they could get knocked off. 

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