Beauracracy trumps athlete welfare again

The NCAA is the governing body that runs all collegiate sports. Its ability to contradict itself in order to stop athletes from gaining financial reward while participating in sports that generate billions in TV revenue for the colleges and the NCAA is legendary. However it may have hit a new low this past week… 

Christian Abercrombie is a linebacker with Tennessee State, a small college that was playing a money spinning game against Vanderbilt.  After a fairly innocuous play he jogged off the field and collapsed. He was eventually rushed to hospital and later found have swelling on the brain.  After surgery he remains in hospital in hospital and is still not responsive.

As we all know medical treatment in the USA is expensive and as we still don’t know what the long term future holds it will be worrying for his family. Two ‘gofundme’ pages were set up for Christian and his family to assist with costs while in hospital and eventually his University set one up as well.

At this point the NCAA stepped in and demanded the two unofficial go fund me pages be closed down as …Christian is not allowed to benefit from his athletic endeavours while at college. His gofundme campaign run by his university has been sanctioned by the NCAA, one presumes because the University has oversight where the money will go.

We can only wish him and his family well, Christians ‘official gofundme page’

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