3 and out - Redskins hold out the Panthers late bite
Ignore Saban - The Crimson Tide keeps on rolling
NCAA Week 7 - Shocks and Fun galore
Beauracracy trumps athlete welfare again
Trubisky on fire as Bears smash Bucs
Bears rally in Arizona to lead NFC North

3 and out: Ice man Rodgers breaks Dolphins hearts

The Miami Dolphins were oh so close to beating Green Bay on Sunday, but when Aaron Rodgers is the opposing QB it’s never over ’til it’s over. Here’s Packers fan James Tweedle with his take on yet another incredible show from #12…

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Washington prepares for the third coming of RGIII

There’s something about the number 3 isn’t there.

Some of the greatest music ever embraced the number three: De La Soul’s Three, That’s the Magic Number and Brooklyn heroes 3rd Bass being mighty examples. And what can be cooler than having III at the end of your name? Christian Radley Burt III – that would make me a King in waiting. I have no idea what golfer Davis Love III looks like, but even if he resembles a turkey-necked US tourist nowadays, the man still is doper than a rare hip hop B–side, just by having that name.

And in Washington, they’ll soon be witnessing the third coming of a man called Robert, the star of the DC franchise and, who in 2012, gave Redskins fans real hope that better times were ahead, leading the Skins to the play-offs before tragically going doing to a torn ACL vs. Seattle. And we all know just how well the Seahawks have done subsequently.

So, when Griffin III returns (and he will do, as Kirk Cousins has proved only to be an average deputy, despite some occasional good work in the pocket, he’s been too sloppy, thrown too many interceptions and is 0-7 when starting), what can he and we expect? Importantly: less hype. The ultimate saviour tag should be diminished and this could be a huge weight off this still young QBs shoulders.

RG3 gets a lot at his door, mostly unfairly. It wasn’t his choice that Washington gambled so heavily trading first round draft picks to get him, nor his fault that Shanahan kept him out there vs. Seattle and ultimately kept him out even longer. If fully recovered to the gazelle like pace of 2012 then there has to be hope that this third entrance of Griffin III could be a success.

They’ll be doubts of course and these are legitimate. Gruden seems more in favour of the passing game, and the critics argue (fairly) that RG3 holds onto the ball too long. But, in those flashes against the Jags, there seemed to be the old spring back – and even the critics can’t argue that Robert isn’t a brave and exciting QB.

Washington’s problem – in addition to no depth at coverage positions with DeAngelo Hall side-lined – is that everything is black & white. It’s like a herd of cattle rampaging from one argument to the next. Stock should be taken for the rest of the season, get RG3 out there when fully recovered (not for the rivalry game vs. Dallas though) and get him passing and running the football.

Play-off ambitions are futile, but the Redskins DO have great receiver options in Garcon and the speed freak DeSean Jackson, plus the talented Jordon Reed fully fit at TE.

There can be better times ahead, and in the second half of the season we’ll see if those will include RG3, or, ultimately, as 3rd Bass used to threaten: Robert will get The Gas Face like poor old Vanilla Ice.летниеPrimetimeсамостоятельная раскрутка и продвижение сайтовpro-witcher.comстоимость разработки сайта

3 and Out: Plenty of ‘what ifs’ as Dolphins fall to Rodgers’ brilliance

Losses in the NFL don’t come more heartbreaking than Miami’s late demise at the hands of Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. Fins writer Chris Smith drags himself off the canvas…

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3 and out: Not all bad for Jets in yet another loss

The Jets slipped to 1-5 for the season after a 31-17 home loss to the Broncos on Sunday, but it was a much improved performance by Rex Ryan’s men and Mark Roberts saw some things to be encouraged about ahead of this Thursday night’s clash with the old enemy New England…

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3 and out: Road Warrior Bears dominate Falcons

Chicago’s roller coaster start to the season continued as they won their third road game of the year with a dominant display in Atlanta against the free-falling Falcons. Here’s Uncle Sam’s Bears writer Dave Usher with more on a great win for Marc Trestman’s team…

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3 and out: Desperate Vikings slump at home

Being a Viking fan hasn’t been much fun the last couple of weeks. Losing at Lambeau to the Packers was bad (if somewhat expected), but getting destroyed by the Lions at home – man, that hurts! Here’s Olav Sorumgard with three thoughts on another disappointing day for his Vikings…

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3 and Out: How the Dolphins can sink the Packers


The Dolphins host the Green Bay Packers on Sunday at Sun Life Stadium. Some fans have already chalked this up in the ‘L’ column. Fins writer Chris Smith plots the path to cutting the cheese and taking down Aaron Rodgers and co.

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Pick Six: Handicapping Week 6 in the NFL

Uncle Sam’s Liam O’Rourke is a bookmaker’s worst nightmare. He’s looking to follow up his perfect Week 5 record with 6 tips for Week Six. However, is the Giants over the Eagles in Philly a dangerous pick?

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3 and out: Steelers fend off the hapless Jags

The Steelers rolled back the years with a dominant defensive display to keep the Jags out of the end zone in Sunday’s 17-9 win in Florida. Big Ben and the offense weren’t at their best but didn’t need to be as Pittsburgh restricted Jacksonville to just three field goals. Here’s Steelers fan Mick Furlong on a good day for the black & gold…

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3 and out: Bears offensive struggles continue

The Chicago Bears continue to be one of the most unpredictable teams in the NFL. They win when they’re expected to lose and lose when they’re expected to win. Here’s Dave Usher with three observations on Sunday’s disappointing loss to the Panthers…

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