QUICK SNAPS – Tennessee Titans

Quick Snaps brings you a brief look at the news that you might have missed about each team over the past few months. Here we look at the Tennessee Titans.

After the ups and downs of last season, with the unexpected poise of Marcus Mariota being almost negated by the unceremonious sacking of head coach Ken Whisenhunt midway through the schedule, the Titans will be hoping for a more stable 2016 as they start their first full season under Mike Mullarkey.

There’s certainly much to like about what they’ve achieved since January. Veteran defensive coordinator Dick Le Beau has been restored to play calling duties and the defensive line that was such a success in 2015 all return.

In addition, the smart pick-ups of DeMarcus Murray and rookie Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry have combined to produce a running attack dubbed ‘exotic smashmouth’ by Mullarkey, a man who is rarely short of a good line.

As a bonus, first round draft pick Jack Conklin looks to have slotted into the right tackle spot like a man born to be an NFL bruiser, which will be of great comfort to Mariota, who was often left exposed by his tackles last season.

Elsewhere on the field, rookie wideout Tajae Sharpe was so impressive during pre-season that the Titans not only felt comfortable releasing highly regarded Justin Hunter to make room on the roster for him, but have him above veterans Andre Johnson and Harry Douglas on the depth chart.


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