Roughing the Passer – Many unhappy returns, Brock

It’s the most important position in sports and also perhaps the most difficult to play, but that doesn’t mean we should go easy on them when it all goes wrong. Julian Richards dishes out the brickbats this week, to a man he once used to cheer for…

If ever there was an apt name for this feature then it’s this week as Brock Osweiler returned to my Broncos for them to deal out sweet, meaty justice. Perhaps what’s worse for Osweiler is that he’s starting to become an internet meme as the news spreads about how stupid the Texans might have been in giving him a king’s ransom.



The secret of Osweiler last season was that he was never that good for Denver. He was more a product of Gary Kubiak‘s system more than his own natural talent. He’d been made to sit and wait patiently to become the heir to Peyton f’in’ Manning and then, when the time was upon him, he fumbled the chance, which is prescient given his performances this year.

If Houston thought they were getting a ready made QB than they’re dumber than they look. Denver kept Osweiler on a tight leash during his appearances last year, even the fabled Kubiak bootlegs weren’t that prevalent with a mobile QB. Osweiler bet on himself and right now it’s coming up snake eyes.

Meanwhile Denver are starting a seventh round QB who thought he was going to be using his Northwestern business degree rather than his playbook (the TV crews might have mentioned this once or twice…). That’s amazing business for Denver as there’s nothing Osweiler could have given them that Trevor Siemian isn’t. That’s no knock on either player, it’s down to how Denver runs it’s offense.

So yeah, thanks for saving the Broncos some money, Brock. You did make sure that you had some of that $72 million guaranteed, right? Just checking for a friend.

Julian Richards

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  1. David Usher David Usher says:

    If Osweiler were as talented as he was handsome, he’d be… well he’d be Tom Brady. Instead he’s like a diet coke Jimmy Garrapolo.

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