Season can’t end quick enough for sorry Bears

Last week the Bears looked like a capable NFL offense when they smashed the Bengals. Usually after a performance like that I get taken in and begin to believe that the good times might be just around the corner. This time I didn’t…

Yeah it was enjoyable witnessing a display like that (there have been precious few of those in the John Fox era) and seeing Mitch Trubisky play well was encouraging, but that game said more about the banged up, God awful Bengals than it did the Bears. I wasn’t suckered in and I didn’t even bother writing about it. I knew no corner had been turned and I fully expected a loss in Detroit this week, which duly arrived.

The Bears were garbage against the Lions and it’s too easy to put it down to a lack of quality in the huddle. Of course that plays a part; despite some crazy talk from Kendall Wright the receivers aren’t good and the line has been beat up all year, but it’s more than that.

Too often this year (and last for that matter) the Bears have been out-coached, particularly on offense. The defense is generally solid and competitive and most of the time they keep the score to a number that a competent offense should be able to eclipse. Not the Bears offense though. They couldn’t beat the 49ers two weeks ago even though the defense didn’t allow a TD and the Bears had a punt return score. That was the first time in the entire history of the NFL that had happened.

I don’t like questioning the play calling too much because ultimately what the hell do I know about it? It’s easy for me to wonder why Tarik Cohen isn’t on the field for every play, or why the Bears aren’t running out of the shotgun or why it all seems so damn predictable. I don’t know though, there may well be valid reasons for all of the above.

When the results aren’t there though all criticism is fair game isn’t it? I mean, I saw one of the top Bears beat writers Brad Biggs making some compelling arguments as to why Jordan Howard should be running more out of the shotgun. It’s hard to read that and not wonder what the hell is going on.

Dowell Loggains no doubt has his reasons for not doing that and if the offense was functioning at a high level he could tell Biggs and everyone else to shut up and let him do his job. When Howard is being held to under 40 yards on less than ten carries though, he’s not really in a position to do that is he?

Sometimes they look ok and we cling to that as a sign that things are on the up, but the Cleveland Browns have been doing that for years and look at them. They’re a joke and the Bears are not much better. The two teams meet on Christmas Eve and that’s a game I’ve been dreading for weeks as it has “Browns first win” written all over it.

I’m just fed up of watching this crap. I’m sick of Foxy and his stupid challenges and his ultra cautious, cowardly approach. Your team stinks, you’ve literally got nothing left to lose but you’re still punting on 4th and 1 when you’re trailing? Why, Foxy? Why? Just have a go and if you fail, at least go down swinging. This inherent cautiousness happens every week and it’s just completely deflating.

Give us a coach with some balls next year. A coach who can have a similar kind of impact on Trubisky that Sean McVeigh has had on Jared Goff. A coach who won’t always take the safe option and who won’t embarrass himself and the team with stupid challenges.

In the meantime hopefully the final two games won’t bring too much humiliation and we’ll see more progress from Mitch. The season can’t end quickly enough though. I hate that, because the season is short and you spend so long wanting it to come around, and then after a few weeks it becomes obvious the Bears still stink and you just want it over.

It shouldn’t be like this. Ryan Pace needs to ensure this is the last year when it is, otherwise he needs to go too. C’mon Ryan, turn this ship around.

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