3 and Out: Sorry Washington whupped by lowly Bucs

Washington slipped to 3-7 for the year after a 20 point home loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday. Things are clearly bad when you’re getting beat by the Bucs and they’re obviously REALLY bad when the scoreline is 27-7. Bad enough to call for your team to trade for Jay Cutler though? ‘Skins fan Christian Burt thinks so after this shocker…  

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Four Downs: Washington Redskins

1st Down: What do you make of the Redskins’ start to the season?

When coming off the back of a very forgettable 3-13 season, having the Texans and Jaguars up first can only be seen as a bonus. Except of course, being a 3-13 franchise in 2013 doesn’t really equal any given victories on any given Sunday.

Houston game was troubling, RGIII continued to get hit, special teams went a step further in embarrassment by JJ Watt blocking the TD conversion and Rambo still looked decidedly non-Stallone heroic.

There were, however, some pointers to improvements, even on a poor first display – Morris was having his workload shared out a tad more with Helu Jr, meaning that every running play the Skins went hard. Under Shanahan, only Alfred seemed to carry the ball for Washington, with Griffin III the most likely to run with the ball (and get sacked/beaten up/nearly career ended every week).

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