The 300: #19 Travis Frederick

Today, we feature our first current NFL player – but perhaps not one that you were expecting.


Dallas Cowboys (2013 – date)






Putting any current player in a group such as The 300 is always going to be contentious, but we genuinely believe that, despite his very few years in the league, Cowboys’ center Travis Frederick fully deserves his place in this list.

Frederick was chosen with the 31st pick of the 2013 Draft, a position that Dallas had moved down to in a trade with the 49ers. He was projected by most scouts to be a late second round pick at best. For once (and it has been the other way around an awful lot of the time) the Cowboys were right and everyone else were wrong, because Frederick has blossomed into one of the very best offensive linemen in the League. Moreover, he went straight into a starting berth at center, something which very few other players have been able to do successfully.

Playing center is about more than just snapping the ball and blocking opponents, it is about diagnosing defenses, changing protections and communicating with the quarterback. For that reason, many feel that players at the position need to be among the most intelligent on the team. Frederick’s play (and the fact that he has a double major in computer science and computer engineering) pretty much proves that point.

There is no doubt that the Cowboys’ emergence as a force in the running game has coincided with Frederick’s emergence as the premier center in the NFL. He’s blocked the likes of Ezekiel Elliott to rushing records. He was a major influence in helping Dak Prescott to become the star that he was in 2016. In short, he’s a player that makes those around him better, which is the mark of a top performer and one which no team can do without.

Richard O’Hagan

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    Today, we feature our first current NFL player – but perhaps not one that you were expecting. NFL CAREER Dallas Cowboys (2013 – date)   POSITION
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