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Seattle Seahawks (1997-2009)



Left Tackle



By now, everyone knows how important the left tackle position is to an NFL team. Unless your quarterback is left handed, or unless you’re not planning to pass the ball very often, the left tackle is the guy who protects the quarterback from the rushers that he cannot see, the ones coming from the blind side.

During his playing career, Jones was always overshadowed by the other two left tackles who were contemporaries of his, Jonathan Ogden and Orlando Pace, at least so far as the general public were concerned. Coaches, on the other hand, thought differently. None other than John Madden pronounced him to be the best player in the NFL.

Jones’ misfortune was that his career ended before the current, Pete Carroll, era began. He was at the height of it when the team reached Superbowl XL in 2005, losing to the Steelers. And it is a testament to the standards that he set that, a couple of good years from Russell Okung aside, the Seahawks have not come close to replacing him.

Although Jones is officially listed as having retired in 2009, his career effectively ended with a knee injury in a Thanksgiving game in 2008. All attempts to return from that sadly failed. His number 71 jersey was retired by the Seahawks in 2010, just after he confirmed his retirement. He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in February 2014, the day before Seattle won Superbowl XLVIII, at the first time of asking.

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