The 300: #7 Bob Kuechenberg

We’re sticking in the trenches with today’s pick, a man we’ve long been admirers of.


Philadelphia Eagles (1969)

Miami Dolphins (1970-1984)






Here at Uncle Sam, we always believed that there were two players who had been cruelly underrated by Hall of Fame voters. One was Ray Guy, but he’s finally made it into Canton. The other is Dolphins’ guard Bob Kuechenberg.

We’re not alone in that assessment. Legendary NFL writer Paul ‘Dr Z’ Zimmerman is of the same opinion – an opinion which, until multiple strokes cruelly robbed him of the ability to do so – he voiced loudly and often. And Dr Z knows offensive lineman, having been one himself.

Kuechenberg was the rough heart of that famous Dolphins offensive line. We have already mentioned Larry Little, but ‘Kooch’ was different to them, a bruising, gruff, road-grader of a lineman who was feared by defensive tackles and loved by the quarterbacks he protected and the running backs he blocked for.

Kooch was, by any definition, the linesman’s linesman. He was strong, could move when he needed to, and was unbelievably tough. He played Superbowl VIII with a broken arm and not only blocked the feared Vikings defensive tackle Alan Page into ineffectiveness, even got into a fight with him at the end of the fourth quarter. Since retirement he has best known for his blunt disapproval of pretty much everything in life, from the current Dolphins’ ownership to politicians (he refused to attend a White House event to honour the fortieth anniversary of the ‘Perfect Season’) and willingly admits that he doesn’t have a good word to say about anyone. You wouldn’t want to manage him, but at the same time you would always want him on your team. He’ll probably hate being on this list, but that’s one of the reasons why he is!

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    We’re sticking in the trenches with today’s pick, a man we’ve long been admirers of. NFL CAREER Philadelphia Eagles (1969) Miami Dolphins (1970-1984)
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